Scientific activity of Applied Ecology department is based on close cooperation of scientific and pedagogical staff of department and research laboratory.

In recent years in Department formed following research areas

  • Development of technologies and equipment for purification of emissions;
  • Developing ways to improve the environmental situation of cities and industrial zones;
  • Research and prediction of anthropogenic impact in a changing industrial infrastructure of the city;
  • Comprehensive approach to the prevention and control of environmental pollution. Implementation methodology "Clean Production";
  • Modeling and assessment of environmental risks caused by environmental pollution;
  • Biotechnology of technogenic waste recycling and environmental protection;
  • Bioindication research of urban ecosystems condition.

Established cooperation with state authorities and local governments for developing local programs of environmental protection, environmental monitoring programs and also development and optimization of the network of wildlife reserves, ecological network of region; ecosystem research.

Teachers of department involved in the work of the Scientific Center for applied environmental research. This center deals with applied tasks in ecology, exploitation of natural resources, environmental safety and protection, it’s work is aimed at:

  • Cooperation with state authorities and local governments;
  • Cooperation with Industrial Sector;
  • Development and optimization of the network of wildlife reserves, ecological network of region; scientific research of ecosystem;
  • Social activities.

Cooperation with the industrial sector carried out in the following areas:

  • Works in waste management field;
  • Works in the field of air protection;
  • Works  in the field of water basin protection and use of water resources;
  • Certification according to standards ISO;
  • Development of project financing schemes for environmental protection, energy efficiency, implementing renewable energy.

Over the past five years teachers of Applied Ecology department published 12 articles in journals included in the scientometric database Scopus (or scientometric base Web of Scince), 1 teacher gave a lecture at the invitation of a foreign university (Pliatsuk Leonid, professor, gave a lecture at the university in Kazakhstan).

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