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Senior Lecturer Iryna Ablieieva participated for the second time in BRC Conference (Sweden)
Thursday, 26 November 2020 22:20

November 26, 2020, senior lecturer of the Department of Ecology and Environmental ProtectionTechnologies, Ph.D. Iryna Ablieieva made a poster presentation at the Biogas Research Center (BRC) Conference. This is the second conference where Iryna Ablieieva presents the results of joint research with Swedish colleagues Alex Enrich Prast and Karin Tonderski from the Linköping University (LiU), Department of Tematic Studies.

The collaboration, launched in March 2019, involves a fundamental meta-analysis to assess the relative importance of using digestate to accumulate carbon in the soil. The report was related to the topic “FO2- Digestate biofertilization: a sustainable pathway to increase global soil C content”. The aim of the project is to evaluate soil Total Organic Carbon (TOC) accumulation after the addition of digestate from Biogas reactors from a wide range of organic substrates.

This issue is very relevant today from the standpoint of environmental safety of soils, efficient waste management and the use of bioenergy solutions to combat climate change, so it meets one of the research objectives of the BRC.

In general, the conference discussed quite interesting and topical issues, in particular “Methane as an environmental problem and lessons for the biogas sector”, “Sustainability transformations and lessons for the biogas sector”, “The role of industry in realising the sustainability potential of biogas solutions” and so on.