The Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection Technologies trains masters in educational and professional programs:

183 "Environmental Protection Technologies"

The program is designed in accordance with the mission and strategy of Sumy State University and aimed at providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and understanding related to project management in the field of environmental technology, which will allow them to effectively perform innovative tasks of the appropriate level of professional activity. The program is focused on research and solution of complex problems of design and development of environmental protection technologies to meet the needs of science, business and enterprises in various sectors of the economy.


101 "Ecology"

The program offers a comprehensive approach to the study of issues in the field of ecology, environmental protection and nature management through theoretical and practical training. This program forms a set of students' knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety. The aim of the program is to train highly qualified and professional ecologists capable of solving scientific problems and issues related to reducing the level of anthropogenic impact on the environment, development of effective environmental measures, as well as solving practical problems in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

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