Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection Technologies trains qualified specialists with higher education on a three-stage system:

  • Bachelors in specialties 101 "Ecology" and 183 "Technologies of environment protection", term of apprenticeship is 4 years;
  • Masters in specialties 101 "Ecology" and 183 "Technologies of environment protection" term of apprenticeship is 1 year and 4 months;
  • Doctors of Philosophy in specialty 183 " Technologies of environment protection", term of apprenticeship is 4 years.

Information on admission can be found on the SSU website:

The training of specialists is carried out on full-time and part-time forms of study in profilisations:

  • “Urban Ecology”;
  • “Industrial Ecology”;
  • “Ecology of forest and reserves”.

After graduation, graduates can obtain an international diploma.

There are postgraduate program in specialty 183 " Technologies of environment protection" on full-time and part-time study forms.

To prepare future environmentalists Department of Applied Ecology has a complex of scientific classrooms and laboratories equipped with modern facilities, computer and multimedia.

Department has branch offices, where students are trained

  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the Sumy region;
  • State Environmental Inspection in the Sumy region;
  • communal enterprise "Miskvodokanal";
  • public company "Sumykhimprom";
  • Sumy State Research Institute "MINDIP".

Students of the department are getting practical skills in following practical training:

  • Study practice - with trips to study the natural landscapes and ecosystems of Ukraine and Sumy region;
  • Pre-diploma - at the enterprises and institutions of the region
  • Research practice - for realization of the experimental part of master's theses.

The knowledge gained during the training will help you:

  • to assess, control and predict environmental quality;
  • analyze the causes of environmental degradation;
  • develop projects of human impacts regulation;
  • apply knowledge of ecological and environmental legislation;
  • conduct research in the field of environmental protection and energy-saving technologies;
  • create a database of environmental monitoring.

After training you will be able to work as:

  • specialist departments of environmental protection administrations and local governments;
  • engineers and managers of organizations that monitor the environment quality;
  • engineers and managers of design and expert organizations;
  • research specialist;
  • specialist of environmental protection departments in various industries;
  • environmental analyst.

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