Disciplines of "Applied Ecology" specialty that are taught in:

Automatic Control and Measurement Instruments of Environmental Parameters

Safety of Vital Activity



Entrance to Specialty

Geology with Basics of Geomorphology


Global Ecology

Soil Science

Ecological Safety

Ecological Assessment

Ecological Assessment (Course Paper)

Ecological Policy

Ecological Standards and Certification

Ecological Toxicology

Ecological Inspection

Ecological Design

Ecological Management and Auditing

Ecological Amelioration

Ecological Amelioration (Course Paper)


Ecology (Course Paper)

Human Ecology

City Ecology and  Industrial Ground

Ecology of City Systems

Ecology of Manufacturing Technologies

Ecology and Economics of Nature Use

Ecology and Consciousness

Economics of Nature Management

Economic Management and Audit

Energy-efficient Technology

Environmental Energy Technologies Processes


General Ecology (and Neoecology)

General Ecology and Neoecology (Course Paper)

Reserved Science

Engineering Basics of Ecology

Information Technologies

Cartographic Methods in Ecology

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Ecology

Meteorology and Climatology

Methods of Measuring of Environmental Parameters

Methodology of Teaching Ecology

Methods of Teaching General Ecology in Secondary Schools

Methods of Solving Environmental and Engineering Problems

Metrology and Climatology

Municipal Communal Management

Modeling and Forecasting of Environmental Quality

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring (Course Paper)

Regulation of Anthropogenic Loading on Environment

Organization in Ecological Management Activities

Basics of Hydrobiology

Basics of Graphic and USDD (Uniform System of Design Documentation)

Fundamentals of Ecology

Basics of Ecological Business Undertakings

Fundamentals of General Didactics

Basics of International Ecological and Economic Activity

Fundamentals of Labor Safety

Basics of Creation Ecoprotective Technologies

Main problems of City and Industrial Zone of Life Support

Environment: Modern Trends

Labour Protection

Labour Protection in Branch

Practice Study (Environmental)

Practice Study (Landscape)

Environmental Inspection

Environmental Technology and Equipment

Industrial Ecology and Rational Use of Natural Resources

Processes and Equipment for Environmental Technologies

Processes and Equipment for Environmental Technologies - (Course Paper)


Rational Nature Management

Calculation and Development of  Ecoprotective Technologies

Calculation and Development of Environmentally-Friendly Technologies (Course Paper)

Social Ecology

Ecology  Statistical Account and Informational-Methodic Support


Technoecology (Course Paper)

Waste Technology

Technological Support Environmental Municipal Activities

Technological Support Environmental Municipal Activities (Course Paper)

Technological Basics of Productions

Technology of Inorganic Materials

Waste Management


Fauna of Natural Complexes

Flora of Natural Complexes

Civil Defense


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