In Ukraine, as in other countries, most industries need the environmental technologies support, which include a wide range of engineering activities, methods and ways of their implementation. All this contribute to the choice of training environmental experts.

Requirements for the professional skills of experts produced for years. Today in the period of active growth of technological advances and an increasing number of environmental accidents and disasters man-ecologist must possess a wide range of academic, engineering and vocational education. The flow of scientific and technical information is growing on a large scale and fit it in the limited time frame of training is very difficult. Our approach is to combine the most complete study of the perception of objects - the environment, technology, basic production processes, their development and design, as well as the maximum breadth of information provided, the special knowledge needed for specialist ecologist.

The combination of such requirements are defined as:

  • fundamental knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology, natural phenomena, global ecosystem (atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere) and space;
  • technology and equipment and the ability of dynamic development, the formation of engineering knowledge;
  • ability to independently formulate and solve engineering tasks, to predict environmental conditions in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment, natural disasters on human life and man-made disasters on the environment;
  • performance of measurement and information systems, creation and maintenance of monitoring and control of environmental parameters.

The educational process is based on educational qualification program. Department of Applied Ecology developed training manuals, instructions, recommendations, didactic material, which provides the high level organization of educational process.

Special role in the preparation of specialists in ecology is given specializations, a choice which is determined by individual contracts with industry and environmental services. Methodological Support and developed courses allow faculty to train students in the following specializations:

  • ecology of the cities;
  • ecology of the chemical production;
  • forest ecology and nature reserve management.

Methodological support

The department has a high level of methodological support. All subjects provided with textbooks and manuals, reference books, teaching documents and other information materials in print and electronic media.

The Department is methodical study (C 204a), which contains manuals and guidelines on subjects that are taught. Responsible - Momotenko Peter Nikolaevich.

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