Department of Applied Ecology has complex research and teaching laboratories equipped with modern devices and facilities:

  • biochemical laboratory investigations;
  • laboratory atomic absorbtsiynoho analysis, which consists of devices C-115, C-600 and other;
  • mikrostrukturnoho laboratory analysis of substances microscope equipped with a TEM-100, REM-102S, VUP-5 mass spectrometer MX 73-04-A;
  • laboratory separation of multicomponent mixtures equipped with laboratory fractionator;
  • laboratory cleaning gases, waste that is equipped with benches installation mass transfer apparatus;
  • laboratory electrochemical sewage treatment plant is equipped with laboratory electro-coagulation unit.

For many years the Department of Applied Ecology successfully collaborates with its affiliates:

  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources in the Sumy region;
  • State Environmental Inspection in the Sumy region;
  • communal enterprise "Miskvodokanal";
  • public company "Selmi";
  • public company "Sumykhimprom";
  • Sumy State Research Institute "MINDIP".

Financial support of these branches allows students to work out on practice the theoretical knowledge, increase their level of  studying modern methods of environmental control over the environment (pollution control of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere).

During the years of study, students obtain thorough knowledge in professional fields such as energy-saving technologies, basic problems of urban and industrial zones, international and national environmental legislation, ecological melioration, ecological designing, basics of low-waste technologies, waste utilization, and others.

Students obtain practical skills in the development, design, and operation of eco friendly technology, carrying out the environment examination of businesses, environmental audit, and management. The students also closely abide by the legal constraints of the Ukrainian environmental legislation.

Location: auditorium 115, 1st floor, main building

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Sumy State University,

st. Rimsky-Korsakov, 2,

Sumy, Ukraine, 40007.