The Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection Technologies is training masters of science in environmental protection and environmental engineering (183 "Environmental protection technologies", 101 "Ecology").

The education of students is going on daily or distance courses (full-time and part-time), with state or commercial funded.

There is a training available for specialties such as the ecology of the chemical production, ecology of urban areas, and the ecology of forest and conservation management.

Alumni are able to work in industrial enterprises, urban and public services, and in the departments of different organizations that are relevant to environmental protection. They are also able to offer private services in the fields of ecology and environmental protection.

Employees of the department teach students of this specialty, and several common subjects such as “Life safety”, “Ecology”, “Basic of labour safety”, “Labour safety in industry”, “Civil Defense”.

Alumni could supply the personnel need in environment protection organizations of Sumy region, Ukraine and neighborhood countries.

Professor Leonid D. Plyatsuk is the head of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Technologies, doctor of science, academic of engineering in the Academy of Ukraine, and academic of The International Academy of Sciences in ecology and life safety, the Head of special science council D 55.01.04 by the specialties 21.06.01 "Ecological Safety" and 05.17.08 “Processes and equipments of chemical technology”. Postgraduate and doctorate studies were opened for the specialty of Environmental Safety in June 21, 2001.

Comprehensive students studying, enhance their intellectual level are provided by the teaching staff of the University of humanitarian and socio-economic, fundamental, professionally-oriented courses. Training is conducted in accordance with approved curricula and programs. Teachers and students of the department actively participate in international, intercollegiate conferences, seminars, support and further build friendships and working relationships with the countries of the neighborhood and far abroad, publish their work in international scientific journals.

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Sumy State University,

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