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Full time and on-the-job education on postgraduate course of highly qualified specialists in Applied Ecology Department, TeSET faculty is provided on scientific speciality 183 - Environmental protection technology.

All necessary information about entrance on postgraduate course is on the web-site of Sumy State University.

At the Department of Applied Ecology working specialized academic council К 55.051.04 for PhD dissertations defense on two specialties: 183 - Technology of environmental protection and 161 - Chemical technology and engineering. Head of the academic council is Pliatsuk Leonid, Head of the Applied Ecology department, Doctor of Science, professor. Scientific Secretary of the academic council K55.051.04 is Hurets Larysa, Doctor of Science, associate professor.

Scientific advising of PhD dissertations is carried out by:

Now at the Applied Ecology department on postgraduate course study 4 students (2 on specialty 21.06.01 - ecological safety, 2 on 183 specialty - technology of environmental protection), on senior doctorate course - 1 person.

On postgraduate program can apply those who have higher education and qualifications of specialist or master. Candidates will be selected on a competitive basis.

The applicants take 3 entrance exams: philosophy, foreign language and speciality.

Study period in postgraduate course on full time and on-the-job education programs is 4 years.